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Shelco designs and manufactures high-quality fluid filters and housings. Their focus is to increase performance and reduce costs. Shelco housings and filters are fully customizable and FilterSource's technical consultants can help to design a housing specific to your needs. For more information on Shelco products or to purchase, please call 1-800-701-8038 or email


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Shelco Filters and Housings
Shelco Cartridge Housings
Single Cartridge Metal Housings
Single Cartridge Plastic Housings
Shelco Filter Cartridges
Industrial Filter Cartridges
Shelco Multi-Cartridge Housings
Shelco Bag Filter Housings and Filters
Multi-Cartridge Housings
Bag Housings & Filters
Shelco Jumbo Filter Housings and Cartridges
Jumbo Housings & Cartridges
Shelco MicroVantage Filters and Housings
High Purity & Sanitary Housings
High Efficiency Cartridges
Membrane Filter Cartridges
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