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HVAC and Panel Filters

For information on HVAC and panel filters or to purchase, please contact us at 1-800-701-8038 or email

Pleated Panel Filters

Pleated media greatly extends the filtering surface area to reduce pressure drop, extends surface life, and increase efficiency, thus reducing energy costs and HVAC system maintenance. Pleated panel filters are available in MERV 8 EQP and DQP, MERV 11 MQP, MERV 13 GQP, and Odor Ban carbon synthetic media which will not support microbial growth.

Residential Pleated Filters

3" to 6" deep pleated filters are available, designed to retrofit existing residential ducted air filter housings. Replacements are available for 27 different brands including: Amana, American Standard, Aprilaire, Bryant, Carrier, Coleman, Comfort Clean, Electro-Air, Emerson, Fast, Five Seasons, General Aire, Goodman, Honeywell, Janitrol, Lennox, Nordyne, Rheem, Ruud, Skuttle, Space-gard, Totaline, Trane, Trion, Ultravation, White Rogers, and York. These filters are pre-assembled for easy installation and are available in MERV 8, MERV 11, MERV 13, and Odor Ban carbon synthetic media.

Pleated Media Inserts and Bulk Rolls

Inserts are an economical way to obtain the high efficiency and lower pressure drop benefits of pleated panel filters with less cost. Inserts are typically used as replaceable media in permanent holding frames. Pleated inserts or pleated bulk rolls are available in MERV 8, MERV 11, and Odor Ban carbon synthetic media.

4" High Efficiency Rigid Cell Filters

The 4" deep QualityFlow replaces virtually every type of 12",6", or 4" deep rigid filter at a lower price and with better performance. Save space, reduce inventory, and make filter changes two-thirds easier with the 4" QualityFlow. Available in MERV 11, 13, and 14 efficiencies. QualityFlow is also available in custom sizes.

6" and 12" High Efficiency Rigid Cell Filters

QualityFlow EXTREME filters last twice as long as typical 12" rigid filters and have 45% lower pressure drop. The benefit is tremendous energy savings and lower product cost over time. Landfill and labor savings are also a benefit. These filters are perfect for LEED "Green" applications or to replace any 12" or 6" deep rigid filter or "V" bank filter. Available in MERV 11, 13, and 14 efficiencies. Also available in custom sizes.

Rigid Cell Filters

Specifically designed for Variable Air Velocity systems and turbulent air, rigid cell filters have plastic finger pleat separators locked into the frame to ensure media pack stabilization throughout the service life of the filter. Available from MERV 11 to MERV 14 and Odor Ban. Filters available in galvanized metal frames from 6" up to 12" depths in standard or custom sizes. Molded plastic frames in 12" depth are available for standard sizes.

Synthetic Bag Filters

Synthetic bag filters offer an economical solution for high efficiency filtration requirements. The synthetic media is glued inside the frame to prevent bypass and blowout. Available in MERV 12, 13, and 14, in standard and non-standard sizes.

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