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FSI Filter Bags
Shelco Filter Bags
FSI Filter Bags
Pentair Filter Bags
  • Polyester felt (PE)

  • Polypropylene felt (PO)

  • Nomex® felt (HT)

  • Teflon® felt (PTFE)

  • Nylon monofilament mesh (NMO)

  • Polypropylene monofilament mesh (POMO)

  • Polyester multifilament mesh (PEMU)

  • Nylon multifilament mesh (NMU)

  • Microfiber polypropylene (POMF)

  • Microfiber polyester (PEMF)

  • Graded density (GD)

  • Polypropylene oil absorbing (XOAM)

  • Stainless steel

Media Type
  • Carbon steel plated/Galvanized ring

  • Stainless steel ring

  • Polypropylene ring

  • Titanium ring

  • Drawstring

  • No ring

  • Polypropylene flange

  • Polyester flange

  • Nylon flange

  • Santropene flange

Ring/Flange Materials
Bag Dimensions
  • None

  • Fiber-free glazed or singed

  • Polyester multifilament mesh cover

  • Spun-bonded nylon cover (Cerex®)

  • Nylon multifilament mesh cover

Media Finish or Cover
  • Felt micron ratings from 1 to 200

  • Mesh micron ratings from 1 to 1500

  • High efficiency absolute micron ratings from 1 to 50

  • Oil absorbing absolute micron ratings from 1 to 50

Micron Rating
  • Handle

  • Binding

  • Welded

  • NSF61 certified

  • FDA CFR Title 21


Bag Filters

FilterSource offers a full line of bag filters for use in housings from all manufacturers. Bag filters available include felt, mesh, high efficiency, graded density, pleated felt, oil absorbing, and stainless steel. Many sizes and types of bag filters are in stock and available for immediate shipment. For more information on bag filters or to purchase, please contact us with your current part number at 1-800-701-8038 or email for a quote.

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